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It may seem like a super duper random blog...don't worry, 'cause it actually is. It's full of things that interests me, and a lot of things do :3


So here’s what I did during Best Of Anime 2014.

I did a little survey with the attendees. I roamed around the event venue carrying a signboard that says “Who is the best Free! pairing?”. And guess what… MakoHaru wins the poll! I guess people are more fond of the closeness of Makoto and Haruka. I must say, HaruRin, SouRin and ReiGisa is putting up a good fight as well.

I want to know your opinions. Do you think MakoHaru deserves the “Best Free! pairing” title? I wanna know everybody’s reaction. Well, what do you think, my kouhai iwatobixsamezuka? Also calling out to the other Free! blogs out there, too. ^_^


Translation - Mamo blog 22nd September 2014Title: Musical “Kuroshitsuji”Today,I myself, after a “Kuroshitsuji” related job,Musical “Kuroshitsuji” -Chi ni Moeru Licorice-(Black Butler -Licorice Burning on the Ground-)Went to watch it!!!!!!!\(^o^)/Therefore it’s my personal, arbitrary “Kuroshitsuji” day☆(XD)Musical “Kuroshitsuji” was,Already,Anyway,Wooooooooooooooonderfuulーーーーーーーーーーー!!!!!!!!!!!!Moved…Really moved…Minna sama were really awesome………☆In tomorrow’s “Namako”…This moved feeling, I would like to talk a lot about it…☆(XD)Today, after watched the musical,Visited the backstage, andMany people I know were there(XD)Already~~~~~~~ Everyone was so cool~~~(≧∇≦)Feel jealous(>_<)(XD)Minna…Today, showing a wonderful stage,Really really, thank you very much☆☆☆


Translation - Mamo blog 22nd September 2014

Title: Musical “Kuroshitsuji”


I myself, after a “Kuroshitsuji” related job,

Musical “Kuroshitsuji” -Chi ni Moeru Licorice-
(Black Butler -Licorice Burning on the Ground-)

Went to watch it!!!!!!!\(^o^)/

Therefore it’s my personal, arbitrary “Kuroshitsuji” day☆(XD)

Musical “Kuroshitsuji” was,





Really moved…

Minna sama were really awesome………☆

In tomorrow’s “Namako”…

This moved feeling, I would like to talk a lot about it…☆(XD)

Today, after watched the musical,

Visited the backstage, and

Many people I know were there(XD)

Already~~~~~~~ Everyone was so cool~~~(≧∇≦)

Feel jealous(>_<)(XD)


Today, showing a wonderful stage,

Really really, thank you very much☆☆☆

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